Harrogate Health Expert at National Conference

20 March 2011
Harrogate lifestyle expert Debbie Saxton

A Harrogate lifestyle expert is to launch a UK-wide health improvement campaign at a national conference this weekend.

Debbie Saxton, who is a regular commentator in the media on family and wellness issues, has devised the Complete Lifestyle programme to help improve the fitness of people of all ages, particularly those who find it difficult to exercise effectively due to lack of time or health issues.

Many of the patients at the Family Chiropractic Clinic on Leeds Road in Harrogate, where Debbie is a partner, have already signed up to the 12 month wellbeing programme which advises on small changes people can make to the way they eat, move and think to improve overall long term health.

Now she is introducing Complete Lifestyle to chiropractors across the UK at the United Chiropractic Association’s spring conference.

“Having spoken to colleagues in the industry I recognised that there was a lack of information available to help them educate their patients in diet and exercise,” said Debbie.

“This weekend sees the nationwide launch of a health awareness programme that began in Harrogate last year.”

See the Harrogate News Lifestyle pages for Debbie’s tips on how to feel good whatever your age.

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