Kasiuss record latest single at Fortress Studios in London

16 February 2011

Harrogate band, Kasiuss record their latest album at Fortress Studios on London.

Having had a successful summer last year, Kasiuss now have big plans for 2011.

Jason Odle, keyboards explained:

“The first plan was to release some more material and arrange a routine of writing/recording/filming/releasing and gigging”

“We did a gig with a band called Minutes at The Cockpit in Leeds where we met guitarist and producer, Dan Weller”

“We mentioned recording and our plans and he seemed keen. We kept in touch and during a couple of hard months figuring out what we should do next, we accepted we needed a goal to work towards.. so we booked a session”

Kasiuss turned up outside Fortress Studios in Old Street, London on the evening of 17th January 2011.

Jason Odle explained more about the studio:

“The studio was home to more than 15 smaller studios and a bar and the atmosphere was buzzing! We unloaded the van full of gear and went off for an early drink to celebrate. On the morning of the 18th, we checked in at the Studio and began discussing plans for the track, As The World Sleeps. We had demoed the song at Active Audio Studios in Harrogate where we basically recorded our ideas for individual parts with lyrics and melodies. When we began sifting through the demo we found that the song had to change in terms of structure and in some places, which instruments were being used. We had never had this level of input from somebody outside then band before and Dan became part of the band, sharing his thoughts about the song. Once we had mic’d up the instruments and rehearsed the song again and again, we began recording.”

During the 5 days in London, Kasiuss filmed video diaries, which can be viewed at www.kasiuss.com and their merchandise and online manager Joe Stanley also took some photos, which you will see there.

There latest single “As The World Sleeps” will be available for free download at www.kasiuss.com from the 14th March and the music video will be on YouTube and a range of music TV channels from around that time!

Also released in March will be a brand new website, photo shoot and gig dates. The plan for 2011 is to release a single with a video more regularly and keep touring the UK so keep your eye out for new material.

The year will be the bands biggest yet with a big concert in Harrogate and Leeds, both being kept under wraps for the time being.

You can keep in touch with the band at www.kasiuss.com and facebook on www.facebook.com/kasiuss

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