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own website A good website builder

Having an own website

There are many different companies in Harrogate, but not all of them are familiar with the benefits of having their own website. For that it is not necessary to have any IT skills …
‘MyWebsite’ is the easy way to get your business online. This website builder by 1&1 is ideal for businesses wanting to gain an online presence. Used and trusted by 1000′s of businesses worldwide, it allows you to create a high quality and bespoke website to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd.

Need some design input?

They have thousands of template designs created by the professional web design team. You gain access to different colour ways, visuals and fonts and template designs suitable for a multitude of business sectors. You can utilise the design expertise to create stunning end results.
Perhaps you already have your own business logo and style book, if so you can upload your own creative work and create your own bespoke design to match your existing branding and ensure you maintain a cohesive message to all your customers.

Need to make changes?

It’s important that your website is up to date and maintains the interest of its target audience otherwise they will loose interest. That’s why with the website builder by 1&1 you can make changes to your website on-line at any time. It’s quick and simple – you don’t need to be an IT specialist. You can rewrite or paste in new text, upload new images, and create new content in a matter of minutes.

Need to improve your search engine results?

It’s no good having a fantastic looking website if your potential customers do not get to see it? With the website builder 1&1 offers professional search engine optimisation to get ahead of your competitors. You can also increase your audience by connecting your website to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

But I already have a website?

If you already have a website and you want to benefit from the flexibility, control and design expertise that the website builder by 1&1 gives you, then don’t worry you may be able to still transfer your website and domain name to 1&1.



Safety issues in the English manufacturing industry

helmet 266x240 Safety issues in the English manufacturing industryThe phrase “It’s health and safety gone mad” resounds throughout the land and litters the tabloid press every day. Yet according to the Health and Safety Executive , an average of 31 workers per year have died in British manufacturing industry alone over the last five years and there were on average 4,500 reports of major industrial accidents and 19,500 injuries that were serious enough to keep the worker away from work for 3 days or more.

No room for cuts in workplace health and safety

British workers are amongst the best protected in the world, but clearly this is an aspect of working life that cannot be neglected by employers, even in a recession. In the West Midlands recently a worker suffered terrible head injuries when the machine he was repairing suddenly started working and crushed his head and ripped off his upper lip. The company was found guilty of failing to provide adequate safety equipment and a safe working system for its staff and was fined £18,000 plus costs.

safety boots 212x240 Safety issues in the English manufacturing industryFor every hazard there is protection

There is a vast range of protective equipment available to keep workers safe, adapted to the requirements of every industry and workplace. If we look at one part of the UK, for example the Harrogate, Knaresborough, Ripon area, there are manufactures of every kind from J Pickles who manufacture pharmaceuticals to Tarmac Northern quarries and Singer who manufacture industrial sewing machines. All companies will require things like first aid boxes, high visibility jackets etc. but there are specific hazards and specially designed protective work wear to deal with those hazards for any industry you care to name. A worker in pharmaceuticals will need specialized work wear, such as a mask for protection from inhalation of harmful substances and gloves to protect from contact with toxic substances. Quarry workers will require protection e.g. hard hats, masks and safety boots such as from Engelbert Strauss. The manufacture of sewing machines will also have its own hazards and requirements in terms of protective work wear.

Training, training and more training

Protective equipment can only go so far in protecting workers. New employees should receive thorough training and ongoing training is required for existing workers in general health and safety procedures, first aid, safe lifting etc., and each task and piece of equipment requires specific training to ensure safe working practices. After all, neglecting health and safety procedures can be terribly costly in both financial and human terms.

Guest article by engelbert-strauss.co.uk