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Harrogate Olympic Torch relay – disabled viewing points

Olympic TorchFor those of you following the Olympic torch coming through Harrogate on the 19 June 2012, the following disabled viewing points have been setup.

  • Knaresborough – Bus Station
  • Starbeck – Opposite the Peugeot Garage
  • Harrogate – Opposite Weeton’s West Park Stray
  • Ripon – Outside Wetherspoons (taxi rank) – Fishergate

Please remember that the flame will be shuttled inside a vehicle between Mother Shipton’s in Knaresborough to Starbeck.

If all goes according to plan, the timings are as follows:

  • Start – Toyota garage outside Knaresborough – 1.33pm
  • Knaresborough High Street – 1.51pm
  • Entrance to Mother Shiptons – 2.03pm
  • Starbeck High Street – 2.07pm
  • Empress Roundabout – 2.28pm
  • Prince of Wales Roundabout – 2.39pm
  • Cenotaph – Harrogate – 2.48pm
  • Leaves Harrogate – Duchy Road – 2.52pm
  • Fountains Abbey – 3.23pm rest break and time adjustment stop
  • Leaves at 4.00pm
  • Start Ripon junction of Studley Road and Mallorie Park Drive – 4.11pm
  • Market Square – Ripon – 4.25pm
  • Ripon Cathedral – 4.30pm
  • Leaves Ripon – Rotary Way – 4.36pm


Please support what we do and share

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