North Yorkshire County Council pledge “We’re listening” to dementia sufferers

People with dementia – and the relatives and carers who look after them – have been given a “We’re listening” pledge by members of North Yorkshire County Council.

The council has joined with organisations in health and social care to sign a declaration pledging that it will do all in its power to raise awareness of the issue of dementia, and to work to transform the quality of life for people with the condition.

With the support of the Alzheimer’s Society, the council’s Care and Independence Overview and Scrutiny Committee has signed up to the National Dementia Declaration for England. It pledges to do everything possible to bring the issues associated with dementia to the fore, and to ensure that the county councl’s members and officers do everything possible to promote positive outcomes for people with dementia, and those who care for them.

“In one form or another, dementia affects virtually everyone in the community,” said Councillor Tony Hall, the chairman of the Care and Independence Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

“Only by continuing – as we do now, with the county council’s adult and community services directorate – to bring dementia out of the shadows can we be confident that people and their relatives can get expert support at the earliest possible stage and be treated with dignity and respect.”

Some 600,000 people in England have dementia, and the figure is expected to double in the next 30 years. One of the challenges identified by members of the committee is the need to tackle and remove the stigma associated with dementia … and to highlight the fact that the condition is not confined to the stereotype of frail, elderly people.

“Our aim is to make North Yorkshire County Council one of the leading authorities in the country for the work it carries out to raise awareness of dementia and the associated issues,” added Councillor Hall.

1dementia North Yorkshire County Council pledge Were listening to dementia sufferers England Derek Law Corporate Director Community Services
(left to right) Derek Law, (Corporate Director, Adult and Community Services, North Yorkshire County Council); Councillor Caroline Seymour (Chairman, North Yorkshire County Council); and Councillor Tony Hall



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