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Video: Matt Hutchinson and Simon Edwards, chefs, work colleagues, friends and now runners in the Great North Run

Matt and Simon work together at the Empress on the Stray.

A few years ago, Matt lost his Nan due to a brain tumour. Family started to notice changes, that they intitially believed to be the onset of dementia. Medical professionals couldn’t diagnose any problems, and were quick to sign her off with no action.

As the problems developed, she was taken into hospital, where again they couldn’t find any problems. The hospital wanted to discharge, but agreed to undertake a brain scan.

The scan showed a tumour that was operated on, but only 70% could safely be removed safely.

Matt said:

About 4 years ago I lost my Nan to a grade 6 brain tumour and I have decided to do the Great North run in memory of her.

I’ve never done anything like this before, and I am doing this with my mate Simon.

We are not small blokes, with  a combined weight of about 36 stone.

The run will support the research work of The Brain Tumour Charity as it is a charity that is close to me and my family.

My Nan was a massive part of our lives and then following the Tom Parker story as that hit pretty hard – he was about the same age as me.

I’ve never done anything like this before and I want to make my Nan proud.

I’m a chef by trade and quite possibly the unhealthiest person ever, and everybody says I won’t do it.

My work is the Empress on the Stray and we are also doing a quiz night to try and help raise some funds.

Please support if you can:

See The Brain Tumour Charity: Mathews fundraising page (

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