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Independent school chooses independent bookstore to help re-stock library

An independent school in Harrogate is supporting another “independent” in the town, after refreshing two of its libraries with hundreds of books purchased from the local retailer.

Instead of acquiring its books from wholesalers or from national high street stockists, the school is now buying its reading material from Imagined Things Bookshop, located in The Westminster Arcade on Parliament Street.

Last summer, the book shop made national headlines when owner Georgia Duffy famously Tweeted that on one day she had taken just £12.34 all day.

This highlighted the plight of independent traders not only in Harrogate, but around the country, battling against the threat of online shopping and out of town shopping centres, combined with rising rents and rates.

And, in addition to making this purchase, Ashville will be presenting prize winners at its annual speech day with book vouchers from Imagined Things Bookshop.

Ashville College Headmaster Richard Marshall said:

Ashville has been in existence for more than 140 years, but that would not have been possible had it not been for the support of parents locally, nationally and internationally.

The money for the books came from a funding appeal to mark our 140th Anniversary, and we made the very conscious decision to support an independent shop, hence us going to Imagined Things Bookshop.

Thanks to the appeal, £1,400 was earmarked solely for books, and this has allowed us to refresh our senior and prep school libraries with more than 200 new editions. And, in turn, we will be giving the books they have replaced to a number of schools in Harrogate.


Imagined Things Bookshop owner Georgia Duffy said:

I’m delighted that Ashville College has chosen us as its preferred supplier of books and book vouchers.

This first order is absolutely fantastic, and, as a small retailer, means an awful lot to us. Harrogate has a host of superb independent shops, cafes and businesses, and it is these that help draw visitors to the town.

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