League of Cruel Sports at the HCC urging the National Trust AGM to vote against trail hunting

The National Trust has licensed trail hunting on its land for years, and it is a debate that has polarised its membership.

The League Against Cruel Sports is holding a peaceful rally outside the conference centre where the vote is due to take place today (30 October 2021)

The League of Cruel Sports say that trail hunting is just a smoke screen for traditional, and that will cite leaked webinars  from the Hunting and Countryside Alliance to that effect.

See Webinars Evidence A Nationwide Conspiracy By Hunters To Flout The 2005 Ban On Hunting With Hounds (huntsabs.org.uk)

Voting will only open once all the motions have been debated, so the result will not be known until the end of the AGM at around 3pm.

The National Trust were approached for a comment, but didn’t provide any comment.

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