What’s In A Name? Well, Everything! Tips For Finding A Perfect Name For Your Child

Congratulations on welcoming your little bundle of joy into your lives. Now that you have become proud parents, get ready to make some of the most important decisions, the first being naming your baby. 

Naming a baby is one of the most difficult endeavours for parents. As their name is going to define their identity and individuality for the rest of their life, you can’t afford to be artless when naming your child. 

So, before you jump to a conclusion and name your baby something that brings them embarrassment and makes them a butt of all jokes, scroll down to read some handy tips for finding a perfect name for your child. 


The name should be unique but not outlandish 

There is a thin line between unique and unusual. Most parents, in a bid to give a distinctive name to their child, select something bizarre and regret it later. 

These names are often mispronounced and sound very irrelevant. Hence, before you browse through the list of rare names on the internet, keep in mind that the name should be easy to pronounce and relevant yet trendy. 


Will the name sound good once your child grows up?

You might have selected the cutest name for your child but ensure that their name sounds good even when they grow up. 

Some names sound good on kids but funny on adults. The name of your child should suit their persona at every stage of their life. Your kid should love their name forever. 


The meaning of their name 

The name of a person deeply impacts their personality. The name you select for your child should have a strong and positive meaning to cast a positive influence on their personality. 

While selecting a perfect name for your child, first find out its meaning. If it resonates with you, go ahead with it even if it’s too simple. 


The length of the name 

The name of your child shouldn’t be a tongue-twister. It should be easy to speak. Moreover, your child should not get frustrated while filling forms in the future. Consider the spelling, length, and pronunciation of the name before you finalize it for your baby. 

Share your picks with your near and dear ones and observe how they pronounce the name. Are they fumbling or saying it effortlessly? It will help you conclude with the best name for your child. 


Be gender-specific 

Many parents abide by the idea that names have nothing to do with gender, but considering gender is essential. Not keeping gender-specific names makes way for confusion and awkward situations. 

Hence, look for a name that suits the gender of your child.


Don’t get tempted by trends 

It is easy to fall for the trendiest name but remember that trends come and go, but your child will carry the name for their lifetime.

The name that rings the bells today might sound outdated tomorrow. So, do not fall into the trap of all those contemporary names. Select a classic name instead. 


Don’t name them just for the sake of tradition

Many families have a naming tradition, and anyone deviating from that path is frowned upon. Stick to the traditional family name only if you like it. 


The bottom line 

Naming a child is a big responsibility. Consider all these things while naming your child.

If you have already named your child and are regretting it, do not fret. You can change their name using a deed poll. Just decide on a suitable name, visit the UK Deed Poll Office and apply for a name change.

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