Bringing the very best of Wynyard Park to Harrogate


The development company behind the exciting Flaxby Park scheme will bring all the most popular elements of its hugely successful Wynyard Park development to Harrogate, if planning is approved for 2,750 new homes, two new schools and associated medical, retail and leisure amenities.

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Flaxby Park Ltd is owned by internationally renowned businesswoman and philanthropist Ann Gloag OBE and regeneration experts Chris Musgrave and Trevor Cartner. The trio plan to create another ground-breaking development following the unprecedented achievements of Wynyard Park in Teesside, where they are creating one of the country’s largest and most successful mixed use developments.

Flaxby Park’s development director, Matt Johnson, says:

There are many similarities in terms of the topography between Wynyard Park and Flaxby Park. Both benefit from fantastic natural surroundings with impressive woodlands and plenty of green space, and they also both have excellent transport links to surrounding towns and cities.

At Wynyard we have been able to take an 885 acre site and deliver a totally new independent settlement that incorporates business space, health and recreational facilities, and most importantly a great mix of much-needed new homes.

One of the most popular parts of Wynyard has been the self-build element, with 60 plots across three very desirable sites within the park selling off plan. The self-build success is something we will replicate in Harrogate, on a scale never seen before.

In the Harrogate District self-build plots are few and far between, but they will be a key feature of Flaxby Park. Our business model for self-build at Wynyard is proven, with the plots, which are set within mini-gated communities, appealing and being achievable to a wide range of people keen to build an exclusive high-end home that they have designed themselves.

Our vision for Flaxby Park will take the very best features of Wynyard Park to the next level. With thousands of well-designed homes for all generations and budgets, set within characterful neighbourhoods all centred around an attractive communal square. There’ll also be lots of features that maximise the site’s natural, parkland setting including a nature hide and specially designed wildlife vantage points.

At Wynyard we have gone above and beyond what the traditional developers would do, investing heavily in landscaping, as well as building a stunning contemplation garden where people can sit and enjoy their surroundings. In addition, high quality, bespoke metal street signage and a hugely impressive walled gateway entrance, really set the tone for the whole development, and we’re planning to build on this further at Flaxby.

The attention to detail at Wynyard is what often draws the most praise. Things like the on-site concierge service that provides everything from security services through to signing for deliveries, free on-site bicycles for residents to ride, and the hundreds of thousands of daffodils planted, make the development really stand out from the crowd.

We are planning on really pushing the boundaries with Flaxy Park in terms of green space, which will dedicate almost 50% of the 430 acre site to public green-space, woodland, parks and green corridors.

Flaxby Park benefits from sitting within a natural bowl and because it was a former golf course, there are already lots of natural elements that we can harness and build upon. It’s a rich natural environment that has already been developed, so we can further enhance what is already there to create a truly sustainable and stand-out place to live.

Like Wynyard, Flaxby is well connected, and in addition to the existing new purpose-built £4 million roundabout, we would re-open Goldsborough railway station and help to introduce new bus routes and shuttle services.

As part of Wynyard Park, 2,000 jobs have been created at the business park where 65 companies have located, and lots of people working there also live at Wynyard Park. We envisage this would also be the case at Flaxby, with the newly approved Flaxby Green Park being within easy walking distance of our development. This creates a truly sustainable development.

Overall it’s an incredibly exciting development that has garnered much support, and we are hopeful that our plans, to create a viable and deliverable village will soon become a reality, now that we have submitted our planning application.





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