Council to undertake licence review of Mint Festival


Following a request from North Yorkshire Police, Harrogate Borough Council is to undertake a review of the licence held by Mint Festivals Ltd to hold outdoor events at Stockeld Park, near Wetherby.

Mint Festival’s first dance themed event at Stockeld Park took place on Saturday 23 September 2017 and attracted around 15,000 people.

The licence held by Mint Festivals allows entertainment and the sale of alcohol to take place at Stockeld Park on two occasions per year for up to a maximum of three days in total. Attendance is limited to 19,999 people and events must finish by 11pm.

Under the Licencing Act 2003, an application can be made to the licensing authority for a review of a licence where problems are occurring. The application must be on grounds relating to prevention of crime and disorder, prevention of public nuisance, ensuring public safety or protecting children from harm.



North Yorkshire Police have requested a review of the licence for reasons of crime and disorder and public safety, namely:

  1. road infrastructure around Stockeld Park is incapable of supporting this type of event
  2. failure of transport plan (design and layout of Stockeld Park and implementation of plan)
  3. management of the crowd (inability to control pedestrian movements off-site)
  4. crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour caused by festival goers on ‘transport routes’ leading to/from Stockeld Park

A 28 day public notice period has now begun, providing residents, local businesses, statutory agencies, ward councillors and other interested parties with the chance to take part in the review, by making representations either in support or against the licence.

Following the close of the 28 day notice period on Monday 25 December 2017, a public hearing of the council’s Licensing Sub-Committee will be held within 20 working days to consider all representations and decide if any action should be taken. Respondents will be informed of the date, time and location of the hearing and will be given the opportunity to speak.

After hearing from all parties, including the licence holders, the Licensing Sub-Committee will have a full range of options and could:

  • Make no changes to the licence
  • Modify the licence
  • Revoke the licence


Councillor Stuart Martin, Chair of Harrogate Borough Council’s Licensing Committee said:

The council has a responsibility to review a licence if we are asked to. It is important that events which are licenced by the council operate without impacting on the licensing objectives. Where an impact is demonstrated the council will take the appropriate action.

I would encourage anyone who would like to comment on the recent Mint Festival and the Police’s concerns to let us know their views so that they can be taken into account as part of the review of its licence.



Sergeant Matt France, North Yorkshire Police’s Licensing Manager, said:

Two of North Yorkshire Police’s key priorities are to ‘protect the public from harm’ and to ‘support vulnerable people’.

The organiser hadn’t predicated that hundreds of festival-goers would leave the festival on foot, the risks associated with this and the negative impact this would have on neighbouring towns and villages.

Triggering the review procedure enables the council to revisit the licence and the conditions attached to it, in light of evidence from this year’s event.


To take part in the review, go to and select ‘The Licensing Authority at Harrogate Borough Council has received an application for the review of a premises licence for Mint Festival.’

To make your representations in writing please send them to:

FAO The Licensing Team

Safer Communities

Harrogate Borough Council

PO Box 787





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