North Yorkshire Police launch nation’s first iPhone app

30 March 2011

North Yorkshire Police have become the first force in the country to launch their own web app.

The new app, which went live today, boasts a number of features which allow people to access the latest information about North Yorkshire Police, while on the move.

The app can be accessed using smart phones such as the iPhone or handsets with Android capability such as HTC devices or the Samsung Galaxy. It can also be accessed using iPads or the ipod touch.

By accessing the North Yorkshire Police app, you can:

  • Get the latest news and “Caught on camera” CCTV appeals
  • Receive live weather alerts and flood warnings
  • Access the national street level crime maps system
  • Dial our non-emergency number at the touch of a button
  • View a directory of all NYP police stations, with the ability to add them to your phone’s sat nav
  • Read the latest information from each Safer Neighbourhood Command
  • Find lists of all our officers’ latest tweets, Facebook posts and YouTube videos
  • Learn about vital crime prevention advice

North Yorkshire Police’s web officer, Tom Stirling devised the app at no cost – saving the force thousands of pounds, at a time when police forces around the country are striving to cut their budgets.

He said: “This new app gives people in York and North Yorkshire the chance to see detailed crime data, witness appeals, safety advice and police team information for their neighbourhood, all via their mobile phone.

“By installing the free NYP mobile app, members of the public will have quick and convenient access to a wide range of information from North Yorkshire Police in the palm of their hand.

“As well as to accessing crime prevention advice and the latest witness appeals, they can even use the app to ‘follow’ their local officer on Twitter. In addition, phones equipped with sat nav technology can be used to find their local police station.

“We used freely available, open source tools to create the app entirely in-house, so it has cost nothing to develop. Of course, it’s also free to install and use – simply visit . There is a button to provide feedback within the app, and we’d welcome any suggestions for further content.”

The new app will help forge greater links with the community by making information about the force easily available and allowing people to contact the police at the push of a button.

Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell said: “This is an exciting innovation for the force which shows that we are always looking for new ways to improve our accessibility to local people.

“I hope people will embrace this new app and take the opportunity to engage with our officers and learn more about North Yorkshire Police.”

To download the North Yorkshire Police app for free, visit







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