Orange Order parade planned for Harrogate

On the 24 November 2012 the Harrogate Orange Order will walk through Harrogate to mark Prince William of Orange’s victory over King James II at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, and to celebrate the Orangemen/ women from all parts of the UK.

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Orange Parade passes peacefully in Harrogate


Dale Parkyn Worshipfull master of Harrogate 1685 said:

I chose the number 1685 as this was the year the Prince of Wales West Yorks Reg was formed which both Grandfathers served with. The regiment defended Gibraltar for some time and as my good lady wife is Gibralatrian it seemed an appropriate number

I have no links to Ulster or the Army or Scotland for that matter however I am a protestant and proud we are a protestant country.

Some people have the assumption that Orangemen come from Ulster. In fact locally we have Northallerton, Leeds,  Sheffield, Doncaster, Malton, Scarborough Lodges to name but a few.

I have a letter from Her Majesty congratulating me on the opening of Harrogate sons of William 1685 which is now framed and takes pride of place in the Lodge room.

We meet the last Sunday in every month at 10am at the High Harrogate working mens club on Devonshire place and all new members are welcome.

We plan to walk the streets of Harrogate to celebrate the opening but to include a service to remember the fallen in all wars.

We plan to not only lay poppies  but also lillies as these symbolised cowardice. However, years later cowardice was recognised as PTSD and shell shock so we remember all those soldiers, especially at Flanders that were many were shot as cowards


Don Middleton the dept Grand master of England (left), worshipfull grand master of the world Ronnie Bather (right) presenting Dale Dale Parkyn Worshipfull master of Harrogate 1685 (centre) presenting the warrant and lodge seal earlier this year
Don Middleton the deputy Grand master of England (left) with the worshipfull Grand Master of the world Ronnie Bather (right) presenting Dale Parkyn, the  Worshipfull master of Harrogate 1685 (centre) with the warrant and lodge seal earlier this year

Orange order walks have often faced opposition, generally from Catholics and Irish Nationalists, who feel that the parades are sectarian and triumphalist.

Many nationalists find the parades offensive wherever they take place. In Northern Ireland, conflict usually only arises when a walk passes through or near a Catholic-dominated area, where marchers can be verbally abused or have things thrown at them.

In Ireland parades were banned for a period, due to the policing required to control the the possibility of problems. In the UK in some areas the policing costs have been criticised. During July 2012, Glasgow saw an Orange parade with 8,000 followers, requiring a significant Police presence. This in-part, prompted Scottish government to consider legislation to limit the “huge cost implications” for policing.

We asked Dale Parkyn to explain more about the Orange Order.


Dale Parkyn Worshipfull master of Harrogate 1685 continued:

The Orange Order stands for the Christian faith and morality.

The serious decline in spirituality in the United Kingdom, and England in particular, and the rise of secular culture based individual self-indulgence, has not created the liberal society the “flower-power” generation promised.

Instead, we have an amoral, fragmented and confused society. Immense damage in particular has been caused to the nuclear family, and its breakdown is intimately associated with a whole host of social problems involving children. Children from broken backgrounds have lower educational standards, and higher rates of delinquency and psychological problems.

Even discounting the unquantifiable human cost to the children involved, the government (i.e. the taxpayer) has to solve these problems with expensive financial solutions.

Therefore what secular culture has created is an fundamentally illiberal and repressive society, as the decent majority have their individual choices in life curtailed, in order to fund the self-indulgences and irresponsibilities of others.

The Orange Order also stands for the maintenance of our national sovereignty.

The United Kingdom is currently severely threatened by break-up due to European federalism, militant Irish nationalism and Scottish nationalism.

There is simply no convincing case that British freedoms would be preserved in a federal Europe, or that the rights of Ulster Protestants would be protected in a United Ireland. Scottish nationalism, though not undemocratic in itself, greatly threatens the stability of the United Kingdom and therefore its abilities to defend itself from these other evils.

We therefore believe our freedoms are best preserved in a strong union between the four countries of the United Kingdom.

There are, of course, many groups who are fighting to preserve British sovereignty and to halt the moral decline of our nation into a politically correct morass of intolerance and self-indulgence.

However, none have a better understanding than the Orange Order of the aspects of faith and culture that made the United Kingdom such a great liberal democracy.

In order to rebuild our nation, it is therefore not enough just to defend or claim back our sovereignty, but what must be revived is the strong, stable Protestant culture which gave it such a solid liberal ethos of individual freedom and responsibility.


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