St Aidans

Silent protest in Harrogate against the vaccination of children

Around 25 parents and grandparents came together today for a silent protest against the vaccination of children.

A human chain was formed outside St Aidans CofE school in Harrogate, and they stood in silence.

The Joint Centre for Vaccine Immunisation (JCVI) has not given a recommendation to vaccination 12 to 15-year olds, but the government has made a decision to roll out a programme that will initially ask parents for permission, and then seek permission from the child themselves. Law enables permission to be sought for the covid-19 vaccination from the child.

We spoke to a number of those protesting:

I am here because the children are being subject to an experimental vaccine.

The vaccine shouldn’t be anywhere near these young people.

I have a 15-year-old grandson and I worry that his peers will push him into having the vaccine.

People seem to be brain dead – they are not looking.


I have one child at St Aidan’s School, and  I am here to support like-minded parents and to fight the war on misinformation and disinformation

and to vocalise my anger on the government’s U-turn on the JCVI.


I am here today because I want to protect children, and they have virtually a zero percent chance of getting sick and dieing with covid.

There is no long-term data on the effects of the vaccines, and children should never be used as a shield for the sick and the vulnerable.