Live music event “Through the Decades” is looking for support

15 November 2023

Ella Fielding is a 3rd year University student at the University of York, studying film and television production – and is currently planning a live music event, that she needs support for.

Ella said:

Me and a group of 6 other students are currently in the pre production phase of planning for a multi camera live music tv studio show called “Through the Decades.”

Our show consists of a live talent competition with three rounds (shot over 2-3 days next April time / tbc) focusing on different key genres of music, from glam rock to 90s britpop.

Our contestants have the chance to preform live on a bespoke stage with a talented session / house band and in front of a live audience.

This show is going to be a lot of fun to make and will provide a lot of nostalgia for the audience in a top of the pops style event.

And we would love you to get you involved!

They are currently on the look out for the following / any age:

  • A host who can play an instrument / can sing and or is musical
  • Judges with a knowledge of music or performance
  • Talent / singers to compete
  • A live studio audience of music lovers

Ella said:

If you have any ideas of people who would like to get involved, or any further questions please get in touch!

Please email if you would like to be involved.

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