Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Harrogate, Matt Walker
Liberal Democrat, Matt Walker

Liberal Democrat candidate for Selby & Ainsty by-election says he has no time for interviews

12 July 2023

Matt Walker the Liberal Democrat Candidate for the Selby & Ainsty by-election has said he does not have time for any interviews ahead of the Selby & Ainsty by-election on the 20 July 2023.

As a news outlet we have now approached the majority of candidates, to engage with them, for news items.

Matt Walker said:

My full time job, council work along with the byelection is keeping me very busy.

My diary is jam packed and at the moment unfortunately there is no availability for a video conversation.

We have also attempted to make contact with the Labour and Conservative candidates, both of which have ignored our request for  interview time.

The 13 candidates that are standing:-

  • Andrew Philip Gray, Independent
  • Claire Holmes, The Conservative Party
  • Mike Jordan, Yorkshire Party
  • Dave Kent, Reform UK
  • Keir Alexander Mather, Labour Party
  • Nick Palmer, Independent
  • Guy Phoenix, Heritage Party
  • Sir Archibald Stanton, The Official Monster Raving Loony Party
  • Matt Walker, Liberal Democrats
  • Arnold Francis Ignatius Warneken, The Green Party
  • John William Waterston, Social Democratic Party
  • Luke John Wellock, Climate Party
  • Tyler Callum Wilson-Kerr, Independent

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