Nick Palmer
Nick Palmer

Nick Palmer – Independent candidate in the Selby and Ainsty by-election

10 July 2023

A concerned resident from the Selby and Ainsty constituency has entered the by-election as an independent candidate, in response to voter apathy in British politics.

Nick said:

I have spoken to too many people who have given up on the idea of voting. These people feel politically “homeless” and it’s not right that they don’t have a voice.

My aim is to prove that an independent, constituency-focussed MP can deliver effective political representation without the Westminster bubble.

The Westminster bubble refers to the privileged position experienced by political parties and institutions around the heart of Government.

Nick said:

Since the last general election, both the main Parliamentary parties have evicted at least one of their democratically-elected leaders. The resignation that triggered this by-election was nothing more that a childish prank. These are examples of how voters lose trust in politics”

The scale of plotting and scheming within the main parties appears to be out of control, and it’s the voters and tax-payers who suffer. It’s time for a sensible, constituency-focussed MP to represent Selby and Ainsty.

How has the situation become so toxic? How can we restore trust and engagement in politics? If elected, I’ll use my time in Parliament to fight for my fellow constituents on local issues and find answers to these critical questions.

Drawing on a business career in strategic planning and process improvement, Nick has pledged to be use his experience to find ways for greater diversity of opinion within our politics.

In March 2022 the office for national statistics reported that only 20% of respondents to a survey had trust in the political parties. Parliament, Local Government and The UK Government all polled less than 50% trust scores.

Nick said:

I think most politicians go into public service for the right reasons, to do good. But there is a tribal culture and intensity within Westminster that drives too many of them towards toxic behaviour. I’m determined to find a better way for eligible voters to engage in politics.

It is precisely because nothing will change for the national Westminster parties in this election, that now is a safe time to trial an independent approach to politics.

It’s a “risk-free” vote! Disgruntled voters, especially those who have only ever voted one way, might never get this chance again.

Using the slogan “Do better, Westminster” Nick Palmer reckons this by-election is the perfect time for voters to cast a “protest” vote, and demand a better grade of politics.

Nick said:

Typically, protest parties need to win a General Election to realise their goals. This has historically been almost impossible to achieve, and so those votes are at risk of being wasted.

I only need to win a by-election to deliver my aims. I think the constituents of Selby and Ainsty are ready to make history by ditching the Westminster bubble, and trying life as an independent constituency.

Source : Office for National Statistics (March 2022) “Trust in Government, UK”


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