Video: Cllr Keane Duncan on the Harrogate Gateway Project

11 April 2023

The Gateway Project is a program of highways changes for Harrogate from Station Parade, past the bus station, train station, pedestrianization of James Street, along with changes up to the New Park roundabout.

It is a potential investment of £11million that is designed to make Harrogate more welcoming and accessible for non-car visitors – it is a potential budget that comes with conditions on how it can be spent, meaning it would need to be spent on a transport gateway project in some form, and not elsewhere in the town.

The go-ahead decision will go to the area councillors for the district in May this year. We spoke to Cllr Keane Duncan about the Harrogate Gateway Project, and he believes that it is an opportunity to be grasped, and described it as a real shame for Harrogate if it were not to happen.

Councillor Keane Duncan, has responsibilities for Highways at North Yorkshire Council, including the Harrogate Gateway Project.


The full proposal (best viewed full screen)




  1. Flythrough? Where do you think the cars will be going that would ordinarily be heading up Station Parade? They won’t just magically disappear.

  2. Before you get this started you need to make Train & Bus FARES CHEAPER and friendly to old and disabled to encourage people to use public transport otherwise Harrogate and other projects will become stagnant in which I mean Ghost towns also you need to consider loss in car parking takings.?
    All Road Markings in Knaresborough, Harrogate,Ripon,Borobridge etc Need remarking and ALL road surfaces.

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