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Sole Cube continues going from strength to strength


Sole Cube is a new business that was launched in Harrogate, during the covid lockdown.

Business partners Dan Hibbard and Aden McCarthy met online and have developed a flexible storage system for sneakers. It’s flexible in that the cubes are stackable, in any format, and they have side and front entry to get your sneakers out.

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Dan said:

I was an apprentice gas engineer, and was furloughed during lockdown. Aden was still working, but just doing much less, due to the lockdowns.

I was alreay selling trainers, and had been selling quite a few pairs during lockdown.

Aden and I met through the same Facebook and Instagram groups.


Aden said:

We were talking online about rare Nike trainers, and saw lots of comments about how people stored their trainers – that gave us the idea that it would be a good opportunity to start our own brand for trainer storage.

We designed the unit, and to fit some quite high trainers, and some of the bigger size. We got some manufactured, and sent to us. We liked them and then put in a full order.

Every time we have sold out, we have placed a bigger order each time.

Dan Hibbard Sole CUbe
Dan Hibbard Sole Cube

Dan said:

We are finding that they are very popular.

The brand started small, and we are just growing it. It’s available directly from us, online, and it is also available from the Blue Water shopping centre.

The plan is to just contune building up the brand for now, it only launched in September 2020.

They are now working pre-orders, as they await further stock.

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