Chief Executive Officer of Arqiva, Paul Donovan
Chief Executive Officer of Arqiva, Paul Donovan

Bilsdale Transmitter Update – temporary mast due to go live

12 October 2021

With good weather forecast, Arqiva is planning large-scale engineering work to test the new, temporary Bilsdale transmitter today (12 October 2021),  the new Bilsdale mast will restore TV signals to thousands of homes across the region.

If you currently have a working TV signal, it is very likely you will experience disruption during the day, and It’s important that you don’t retune your TV as a signal will be restored for the evening’s TV viewing.

Providing the final tests tomorrow are successful, the new Bilsdale mast will be operational from 6am onwards on Wednesday.

You should retune your TV set after that point.


  1. Not before time it’s a complete debacle I’ve now arranged to have broadband at a cost I can ill afford they should hang there head’s in shame and give all those affected compensation

  2. Aqiva have been responsible for the mast for at least 20 years, enough time to have a plan B sorted as the mast has always been at risk from fire (lightning) and equipment, a total shambles,they should pay compensation and be fined, cowboys..

  3. 2 months now in Billingham without terrestrial TV but they still want you to pay TV licence when people have had to dig deep to pay for TV another way, then when you go on channels they ask have you got a licence finish up paying twice for crap on BBC, wish do away with soap’s then wife won’t watch it

  4. My daughter has had no TV since the fire at bilsdale mast the same as thousands of others but they keep taking the direct debit out of there banks, my daughter and thousands of others should be getting compensation and 6 months free from the people who manage the bilsdale sight and the bbc

  5. Retuned, out of the 130/140 DTV and Radio channels, I get now 18. All are corrupt and unwatchable. Great sodding stuff. Northallerton.

  6. I’ve returned but cannot get any other channels than the basic 5. I have Freeview but it does not work. When will I get a proper signal. This is pathetic on your part. I’m very annoyed.

  7. I’ve just re scanned my tv and ive only got 6 channels which is rubbish i haven’t got any BBC channels or itv either the channels ive got are ones i dont watch at all

  8. Will we get it in Sunderland no tv here since fire but no mention of up here don’t know who to contact been in touch northern echo no reply if you could give me some information I would be very grateful thanking you John wilson

  9. Well I can’t get any signal at all in Northallerton. Increased broadband so we could watch something through apps (extra £10 a month for 24 months) and still no signal but paying the bbc fee still.

  10. First,
    To all the team THANK YOU for all your hard work over the past few weeks.
    Unlike some I understand you cannot just buy a new 80 meter mast from a mast shop and it needs designing, parts ordering, assembling, installing etc etc.

    Just out of interest if you don’t get any channels how do you report it.?

  11. I still haven’t got BBC , although most other channels seem available. Today is the first day I’ve had a signal.

  12. We are old age pensioners who have been without Freeview since August.Still not getting any service after being forced to pay for tv licence not good enough.Wonder what those in the South would have done if same was happening there.

  13. I live in Sandhutton near Thirsk and today have tried to get my portable TV retuned with the help of the “techies” at Samsung to no avail
    Wondering what I can do next.

  14. I still cannot restore my tv programmes after doing a full retune, message keeps saying weak or no signal and just keeps buffering every few seconds, so once again having to rely on iplayer and itvhub.
    Totally cheesed off after all this time.
    My post code is TS8 0TY
    Have retuned my Dads tv who lives 5 minutes away from me he is 93, has brought some programnes back but still unable to access any BBC channels

  15. I live in Fulwell Sunderland SR5 1QS area and we have no channels at all on our free view digital tv . Had them up till last Wednesday thensuddenly they all went off . Tried retuning several times and picking up no signal and channels at all .

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