The weather can’t get the better of The Harrogate Bus Company

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Another day of heavy snow has affected roads across Harrogate and Knaresborough, and this time further afield with Leeds and most of West Yorkshire affected badly too. Spirits have been high at The Harrogate Bus Company who, with recent practice from last week’s flurry of snow, have once again worked tirelessly to get things moving.

CEO Alex Hornby said:

Yet again, all our team have proved how reliable and dependable they are during the wintery weather. Just like last week, they all pulled together to get everyone moving – not just our buses but helping out other motorists as well.

For it to happen again so soon, and for everyone to just jump straight in with shovelling snow, gritting roads and supporting each other has been excellent to see. I’m so proud of the frontline team here.

Our customers have been sending messages of thanks and gratitude through to us all day, and we’re really thankful for their patience too as we’ve worked to get all our buses back on the road.

The Harrogate Bus Company
Harrogate Bus Station


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