The Northern Antiques Fair will no longer be hosted in Harrogate

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The Northern Antique Dealers Fair Limited has said that they delighted to announce exciting plans for next year.

The Northern Antiques Fair, is moving to a new venue and is now scheduled to be held from Thursday 30 September to Sunday 3 October 2021 at Tennants in Leyburn.

Previously it had been held in the Convention, and although it is planned to be reverted from a Hospital to a convention centre in March 2021, that doesn’t give sufficient lead time for the in the Autumn.

Fair Director Ingrid Nilson said:

For reasons of clarity we felt it was sensible to relocate as the NHS Hospital Yorkshire and the Humber has a contract with until the end of March which is too far into 2021 to plan securely for an there in the autumn.

The organisers say that Tennants is the ideal location for an antiques fair.

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