Wharfedale Grange

From a luxury wedding venue to a ski-lodge restaurant and grill (a lesson on how to shred the gnar)

Wharfedale Grange gives a lesson on how to shred the gnar
31 October 2020

Since opening in 2018, Wharfedale Grange has grown to become one of the countries most-loved wedding venues

It is owned by Claire Thomas, who has developed, what was once a farm into a popular luxury wedding venue.

It features its own ceremony room, kitchens, bar area, lounge, main banqueting room and a mezzanine area above.

Events manager, Zach Williamson and owner, Claire Thomas
Events manager, Zach Williamson and owner, Claire Thomas

Claire said:

It’s been hugely successful, bringing as many as 15,000 people into the area during 2019. I think the appeal has come from the location and quality of the barn. We have certainly grown a strong reputation with some booking without even seeing it in person of just a virtual walk around on a phone.

Obviously this year has been very different, and we have been working with those that have already booked to move their bookings at no cost. Some couples have moved their wedding date as many as 3-times as the situation has changed.

Like most venues, we are offering a wedding package working within the current rules. We have our winter package that gives use of all the facilities, but uses the mezzanine level for the wedding breakfast. It’s a big venue and would likely lack atmosphere with just the wedding reception, so downstairs we have the main room open as a restaurant.

We furloughed around 18 staff at the start of the lockdown, and now furlough is finishing we need to look at what we can possibly do – none of this is about making huge profits it’s about just keeping going.

Wharfedale Grange

From the 1 November until 31 March they will also be opening as a restaurant with an aprés ski theme.


“Shredding the gnar”

Is a phrase that comes from skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding.

Although the absolute definition is open to debate,  it refers to engaging in your sport with a sense of fierceness focus despite/because of sub-optimal conditions.


Clare said:

I had worked a couple of seasons as a chalet girl myself and really loved the aprés ski eating and drinking vibe.

Around 6-weeks ago it came to me the idea to open as ski chalet, the decision was made even more certain when the announcement came on 22 September that measures would stay in place until March.

Obviously with the furlough coming to an end, we need to make enough to avoid redundancies, and that’s the plan, make enough to keep us going.

We have created a space where people can escape and enjoy something different.

It’s open Thursday to Sunday, 10am until 10pm.

It’s located on the Harrogate to Harewood road, just before the Harewood bridge – signposted.

Along with daily specials, you can expect Raclette, Tartiflette, Filthy Fries, Meatballs along with a steak grill and great vegan options.

See the menu here

or see https://wharfedalegrange.co.uk/the-grill for details or booking


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  1. Looks great Tim, thanks for supporting us! Can’t believe the timing of yesterday’s announcement, just as we opened!!!! We’re specially opening on Tuesday and Wednesday this week pre-lockdown and then we’ll be back on 2nd December! 😎🎿

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