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CNG Energy supports SMEs at a difficult time and is rewarded by customer loyalty and new business

8 October 2020

Commercial energy supplier CNG is continuing to support businesses and industries other suppliers have closed the door on, being rewarded with customer loyalty and new business.

Energy supply is essential for most businesses, yet some suppliers have refused to supply deemed ‘high-risk’ sectors, due to the possible financial instability caused by Covid-19.  Throughout the pandemic, Harrogate based CNG, has remained open and continued to work hard both internally and with its partners to support its customers through this challenging period, and will continue to do so throughout the winter months.

Providing information and advice to its customers, including Government funding and grants available, CNG has also assisted in the managing of sites – with continued meter read reminders to ensure customers are only paying for energy used. Alongside this, CNG encouraged customers to inform them should they be no longer trading, so that they are only billed a standing charge rate.

CNG also refigured its customers estimated bills based on reduced consumption, as a further helping hand for businesses.

As a result of its efforts, CNG has seen an increase in customers choosing to join them and has been rewarded with even greater customer loyalty as retention figures increase too.

Paul Stanley, CEO of CNG said:

It has been a difficult time for businesses, and it continues to be so.  The pandemic has highlighted the importance of coming together and supporting those who need it.  From the beginning of this crisis, CNG was determined to do the best it could to support customers.  It is this solidarity and support that has led to an increase to our already high renewal rate and an increase in new sales.  I am proud of the way my colleagues have responded to support our customers through these challenging times and grateful to our customers for recognising this.

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