Harrogate stands in solidarity with black and other oppressed groups in communities worldwide


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Online a consensus grew a that an should take place to acknowledge the death of George Floyd.

Around 200 came together in the centre of – Sunday 7 June at 3 pm.

The message being that the collective wanted to convey was:

We, the residents of the district, want to express our great sadness at the murder of George Floyd, and our solidarity with black and other oppressed groups in communities worldwide.

We therefore will stand or sit, appropriately distanced, from 3 pm today, Sunday 7 June, on the grass in front of the War Memorial in Harrogate.

We will be socially isolated or in family groups, spreading out along West Park, facing the road. There will be no speeches or marching due to the pandemic. From 3.15 we will observe five minutes silence, and disperse at 3.30.




This is our Facebook Live from the :

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