Conservation group asks for support to help save the Pinewoods from development

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The Conservation Group is looking for support to raise £5,000 to help protect Wood, part of The , from possible development.

The funds will be used to retain legal support during the phase and any subsequent land disposal processes by Council.

The Pinewoods Conservation Group is a registered , they help conserve and maintain 96 acres of public owned and accessible Woodland, the Pinewoods.

Spring Water Limited are looking to expand their current site, adjacent to the Pinewoods, to allow them to increase production of bottled water.

A spokesperson for the PCG said:

Once green space is lost it will be lost forever so it is vital that at this time of a climate emergency that any environmental loss is challenged.

We know many of our members and visitors helped plant the 100s of trees within this area so we encourage a donation no matter how small.

We have already asked our members to donate £5, but would like the wider public to be involved and to donate.

Read more and donate via:

Rotary Centenary Woods, Pinewoods, Harrogate
Centenary Woods, Pinewoods, Harrogate

A spokesperson for the PCG commented:

It is very rare for us to ask for funds directly but we know this is an important issue for our members and visitors. People responded amazingly on day 1 of the campaign with over 10% of the target reached but it is vital that we hit the £5k figure so all support will be really appreciated.

Once green space is lost it will be lost forever that will be very disappointing at this time of a climate emergency. Legal support was key at the outline stage and will be even more critical during the next few months. We know from advice already received that the Asset of Community status awarded under the Localism Act 2011 is relatively new and complex legislation that will need to be dealt with carefully.

These funds will help ensure that all parties are held to account and any discussions are carried out in an open and transparent manner. We will also be pushing for a full public consultation on the loss of any public green space. We encourage residents to get involved and question all elements of these proposals.


Next steps:


Rotary centenary woods, pinewoods, harrogate
Rotary Centenary Woods, Pinewoods, Harrogate
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