Matt Goodall and Andy Preston have taken over F45 Training on Albery Street in Harrogate
Andy Preston and Matt Goodall have taken over F45 Training on Albery Street in Harrogate

Mandy takes over the F45 Training business

25 November 2019

Matt Goodall and Andy Preston have taken over F45 Training on Albert Street in Harrogate.

Matt said:

F45 Harrogate was previously owned for 18-months buy two London businessmen and managed buy a Harrogate physio.

When F45 first opened its doors in April 2018 myself and Andy Preston, two Harrogate boys working in the fitness industry for over 8 years, first crossed paths walking into the studio together to have their interview.

Within a matter of days, Andy and myself were stood in front of over 27 new and eager clients waiting to see what all the fuss was about!

This was the birth of “MANDY’, a double act of Matt and Andy, the new faces of F45 Harrogate.

About Andy

Andy has worked in the fitness industry for over 8 years. Having a Military background Andy then moved onto another well known gym. From there he specialized in CrossFit  and had a large role in a cross fit gym in Leeds. Over the years he has built a successful career in Ladies coaching and an online fitness software with over 30 private clients. Shortly after this, he began work for F45 Training and was soon to become the Harrogate manager.

About Matt

Matt started working in a Harrogate gym after having a Personal training session bought for his 16th birthday, knowing at that point, that was what he wanted to do as a career. Working weekends he eventually became full time once completing school and quickly grew his love for the fitness industry. While working for 8 years at this one local gym he decided to specialise in working with diabetics and helping the clients and so building a successful personal training career. He also had been running multiple fitness classes and working in schools to help teach health and fitness whilst giving talks to other fellow diabetics. Once starting F45 his time quickly got taken up by becoming the head coach at the studio and like Andy, his passion for F45 grew stronger by the day.

F45 is the fastest growing fitness franchise in the world. The workouts deliver the energy and the motivation of group training with the progress and results of one to one personal training. F45 Harrogate is one of the largest F45 studios in the UK.

They use pre-selected workouts to give challenging exercises, to push your body and mind to their full, But the coaches will regress the exercise, if needed, to ensure you can still get a good workout and be pushed to your own personal limits.Age ranges from 16 years to 68.

Matt speaking about why they have now taken on the business:

We love it!

After committing all our time to F45 and building a community that no other gym has, as soon as we heard rumours of a possible buyout, neither of us could resist.

Something so special and important in our lives and the chance to own our own studio, one of the biggest growing franchises in the world, who would be silly enough to pass on the opportunity.

As with all new business ventures, there has and continue to be challenges. Matt commented:

Our main challenge that we had to take on was a biggie, rent and rates!

After many meetings with the landlords (4Urban) we were able to agree on a deal that meant the studio had a fighting chance, a big thank you to the flexibility and understands from the team at 4Urban.

Other challenges are things such as the publicity of what F45 is about, the fact that F45 is not just a gym, it is not just a fitness based class, its so much more; it’s team training, its life changing! (punch line).

It’s a community of people, all from different walks of life, coming together for some of the best group personal training in Harrogate and for people that want to do something to improve their life.

Whether its losing weight, gaining muscle, something different, general fitness or even just for the amazing parties we throw, you really need to try it!


Paul Lancaster at 4Urban said:

4Urban are delighted to have been able to work with Matt and Andy so that F45 can continue to thrive in Harrogate providing an excellent service to their existing client base and a platform for future growth.

Talking about the future, Matt said:

Being one of the biggest and fasting fitness franchises in the world, we want to be a big part of their expansions.

We want the harrogate studio to be a flagship model for studios opening up in the north of England.

Harrogate, is the first northern studio and the only F45 studio north of Birmingham.

It’s going to be the coolest, most trendy gym with major results like no other gym!

Once Harrogate is fully established, what’s not to say we won’t be having other studios in other northern towns and cities, leeds maybe, how about manchester or even newcastle… never say never.

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