Mayor of Harrogate launches Poppy Appeal for the town


Last year Ripon put on a fantastic display of Poppies on for Remembrance Sunday. It started in a very small way near to the Cathedral and just grew and grew as support came in from the community.

For Ripon, it transformed the look of the city, especially when compared to the year before and it showed a real will of the people to make Ripon the best it can for Remembrance.

Cllr Stuart Martin and Hazel Hazel Barker, David Harrison and Stuart Martin, along with many others made it all happen for Ripon, but this year Cllr Stuart Martin wants to make it happen for Harrogate.

Cllr Martin is also the Mayor of Harrogate for 2019/ 20 and has started the Poppy Appeal for Harrogate.

The Mayor of Harrogate, Cllr Stuart Martin MBE
The Mayor of Harrogate, Cllr Stuart Martin MBE

The Mayor of Harrogate, Stuart Martin MBE said:

The appeal in Ripon started in a very small way and we were amazed with the level of support it received. It felt like the whole city got behind it and it looked fantastic.

I have now launched a Poppy Appeal for Harrogate, in the hope that it will get the same support that it did in Ripon. To begin with the area between St Peter’s Church and the Cenotaph really begs to be decorated.

But what I am hoping is that people will really get behind it, like they did in Ripon, and we can do much more.

What I am asking for now is for people that can help and want to be involved to get in touch.

We can make this happen if we all work together.

The Mayor can be contact on 07811 390 448 or by email

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