Great Knaresborough Bed Race – results and pictures

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Despite some damp conditions and a fairly high river level, the Great Knaresborough Bed Race was a great success.

GH Brooks Men finished first with an impressive time nearly a minute ahead of 2nd place.

As ever, well done to the Knaresborough Lions for organising such a well supported and important event for the town.

Please allow time for the images to load – this is a big post!


11GH Brooks MenMf13:40.9
23Knaresborough Striders MenMfc14:38.0
32Ripon Runners MenMfc15:02.9
44Nidd Valley Men’s AMfc15:09.0
58Guardian AlarmsMf15:50.3
611Flying PullmanXf15:50.3
75The Half MoonMf15:50.7
87David Lloyd HarrogateMf16:00.1
966GH Brooks Pannal MashupsXf16:03.6
109Oatlands Junior School – MenMf16:12.4
126Nidd Valley Men’s BMfc16:28.8
1314Blue Bullet FlyersXfc16:43.9
1415Parkrunners MixedXf16:49.8
1510Knaresborough Rugby ClubMf16:49.8
1655Welly WheelersMf16:56.5
1728King James SchoolMf17:01.9
1817The PloddersMf17:21.4
1926Scotton Scorchers JFCMf17:23.6
2013Harrogate Harriers Counting SheepMfc17:31.4
2124Pannal Dental ClinicMf17:42.6
2212Ripon Fire StationMA17:58.4
2322Six PackMf18:09.1
2560Forest SchoolMne18:16.2
2645Welly WheenersXf18:27.4
2746Stockeld StagsMe18:34.3
2859Stray BlokesMe18:38.8
2919Ripon Runners GirlsFfc18:45.8
3021Meadowside MalingerersMe18:45.9
3125Oatlands Infant SchoolMf18:47.8
3234JPz Mini Disciples of FitnessMjf18:58.6
3318Stephenson’s RocketsMf19:14.2
3431Ripon Runners RenegadesXfc19:16.4
3520The Rocket MenMe19:25.9
3737RAF Menwith HillMA19:39.0
3841The JuggernautsMf19:42.9
3932Welly WheelettesFf20:04.4
4044Aspin AvengersMe20:15.0
4127Belzona AMf20:37.6
4329Ripley Castle StormersMf21:04.2
44406th GearXf21:05.0
4656Piccadilly PlayersXe21:11.0
4733Harrogate Round TableMe21:18.2
4830Nidd Valley Mixed BXnfc21:24.4
4943Knaresborough Striders LadiesFfc21:27.8
5064Team NonnoMe21:34.1
5142Turner’s TearawaysMf21:55.9
5238Tewit Youth BandMje22:03.6
5353Knaresborough StrollersMf22:07.3
5457The TransplantsMe22:15.1
5554Welly WheeliesXjf22:16.0
56521st Scriven ScoutsMjf22:21.0
5751Raworths SolicitorsMe22:29.5
5873Aspin Park Academy PTA Team BMne22:52.4
5968Yorkshire Cancer Centre RunnersXf22:59.6
6067Park Street PacersXA23:29.1
6149Saint John’s PTA A TeamXe23:32.1
6382Fountains Abbey and Brimham RocksXne24:10.0
6436Parkrunners GirlsFnf24:13.7
6561Between A Walk And A Hard PaceMne24:18.2
6665Belzona BXf24:28.1
6769Taylors of HarrogateXe24:32.8
6850Saint John’s PTA B TeamXe24:47.8
6990Knaresborough Air CadetsXne25:04.8
7070Meadowside MaidensFe25:08.7
7280Richard Taylor RunnersXe25:43.4
7375Harrogate Symphony OrchestraMe25:51.9
7479Harrogate International FestivalsXe26:00.8
7572Aspin Park Academy PTA Team AMne26:13.1
7639Nidd Valley LadiesFnfc26:27.6
7776Only When I LaughMA27:09.7
7877The Ortial FlyersMe27:22.4
8288Scrambled LegsXe28:47.8
8378Mowbray MagicXf28:51.1
8474Baroque Harrogate & RiponMe28:51.8
8683God’s OwnXne30:32.8
8785Innovate FitnessFne31:06.6
8881Signa TechnologiesXe31:13.4
8984St Michael’s HospiceFne31:40.3
9089Knaresborough Silver BandXe35:04.6

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  1. Why have you not got photos of all the teams who took part? You have multiple photos of some teams and none of others.

    • We just try to cover as much as possible, just not always possible to cover it all. Plus some of the images are not usable, even if you have taken a shot of a team.

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