Cllr Andrew Willoughby, Cllr Phil Ireland and Kathy Allday
Cllr Andrew Willoughby, Cllr Phil Ireland and Kathy Allday

Renaissance of a renaissance for Knaresborough

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Renaissance Knaresborough is about supporting activities which promote the town’s leisure and tourism and ‘make a great town even better’.

It’s a not-for-profit group, not run by the local council, although it does have their support. The group is looking to gain more support from local individuals and businesses.

As part of the engagement with they have had displays  in the and in Claro Chambers on the High Street.

Kathy Allday said:

There are lots of ideas being put forward, but Knaresborough has a very rich history.

My background is in archaeology and it would be fantastic for the town to have its own museum and art gallery.

There is so much history to the town that many don’t know about and we should be proud of it.



Cllr Phil Ireland and The Mayor of Knaresborough, said:

It’s the renaissance of the renaissance and there is already a great deal of interest.

There are projects already underway, such as lighting on Knaresborough Castle and the performance pavilion.

Many of the projects are at the fund-raising stage and we do need support.


Cllr Andrew Willoughby said:

The big project is the funicular railway that would link the town to the riverside.

It would be an attraction in itself and link two wonderful places, the castle with the riverside, cafés and boats.

At moment it is at feasibility stage and it would need significant investment.

The group is looking for support, see for more details.

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