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Tour de Yorkshire 2019 – Ladies Race comes through Harrogate

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The Tour de Yorkshire ladies race came through this morning (3 May 2019), completing a lap of the town centre loop that will be used by the on most days.

The riders took a route from Bechwithshaw to Penny Pot lane, turning right at the roundabout near to the College. From there it headed towards the and down Valley Drive, looping back up Cornwall Road, through the Duchy to the Road, down Swan Road, past Crescent Gardens and up the hill to West Park. From there they headed up Otley Road and then towards ..

The men’s race will also be coming through at around 4.30pm, but with a bigger build-up caravan.

Steve Scarre, President of the Harrogate Chamber, said:

The Chamber is very supportive of the events coming to Harrogate. They bring many visitors to our town with the UCI attracting hundreds of thousands. This can only be good for the local economy. Hotels, B&B’s and Restaurants will be the main beneficiaries but other town centre retailers if they grasp the opportunity should also benefit financially. I know that most hotels are booked up for the full period in September therefore visitors will have lots of time to wander in between the races over an extended period.

If Retailers plan to do something a bit different during this period including applying for pop ups in the town centre selling maybe special T shirts and other UCI branded clothing and jewellery are only two examples. They must persevere with the Council to make this happen. Street parties come to mind also.

It is such an opportunity for them I believe and the Chamber will do all it can to help negotiate with the Council.

People unfortunately remember back to 2014, the Tour de France when the road signage was something like “Town Centre Closed”. This was in respect of the road closures. I hope that the Organisers are making sure that the road closed signage is very clear that it is only the roads that are closed for a limited period and that the town centre is open for business.

People are coming from all over the world to Harrogate, let’s give them something to remember and you never know they may return and tell their friends what a wonderful place Harrogate and the surrounding district is.

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