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Henshaws has its own beer festival on the 11 May 2019 at the Knaresbough Arts & Crafts Centre.

4 local brewers have come together to brew a special beer for the – it’s the first time Cold Bath Brewing, Daleside, Brewing and Roosters have worked together on a beer and they have produced a beer with flavour of Yorkshire rhubarb and hint of ginger.

They also ran a competition to name the new beer and this year it will be called Br-ale, Henshaws root and fruit beer, which is a combination of the entries from the two winners, Alexander Edwards and Rachel Gregory.

The two runners up are Karen Fox with Henshaws Brewbarb and Jane Litherland-Duffy with Beltane Brew.

This week event sponsors Jelf and enjoyed a tasting afternoon at Henshaws.

Rufus Beckett is a musician, senior workshop leader and also an events leader for Henshaws.

Rufus said:

We have had beer festivals in the past, like with Bedfest, often with beers from Daleside and Roosters.

But we thought it was about time we ran our own one. The ideas is simply to have some fun and to help support Henshaws.

The idea really moved forward when Vince Staunton from Daleside came to us with the idea of a beer from all the local brewers.

We have been lucky to have preview-tasting of the beer today, along with the sponsers, it’s going down very well

We should be proud of our local brewers and we hope it will be a great success.

The beer festival is on 11 May 2019

A ticket is £12 and includes a glass and 4 x half pints of beer.

See https://www.henshaws.org.uk/events/beer-festival/

Family activities throughout the day, live music by local artists, locally sourced food and drink


CNG and Jelf taste the new brew
CNG and Jelf taste the new brew

Comments from the tasting:

Very easy drinking, a BBQ type beer

Just so quaff-able

You would definitely enjoy a second glass

The beer is a 4.8% premium beer with rhubarb and ginger added part-way through the brewing process. They have made 720 pints in support of the charity.


Vincent Staunton of Daleside Brewery
Vincent Staunton of Daleside Brewery

Rufus Becket and Darrell Broadbent of Henshaws
Rufus Becket and Darrell Broadbent of Henshaws


Beer Festival ,11 May 2019 timetable

The afternoon session is for all, but the evening is adults only.

Evening Music

  • 10 Citizen Smith
  • 9:15 Hell Fire Jack
  • 8: 15 Citizen Smith
  • 7 : 30 Jonathan Skinner
  • 6: 45 Adam Westerman
  • 6:00 Tim Mc Hale

Afternoon Music

  • 1:15 Becky Bowe
  • 2:00 Dj Trev
  • 2:30 Leo Hicks
  • 3:15 Rory Hoy
  • 4:15 Jake Pattinson


Event sponsors CNG and Jelf at Hensahws
Event sponsors CNG and Jelf at Henshaws
Emma Whitehead, CNG with Vincent Staunton of Daleside Brewery and Laura Claringbold, CNG
Emma Whitehead, CNG with Vincent Staunton of Daleside Brewery and Laura Claringbold, CNG


Please share the news
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  • 75


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