A motorcyclist has been banned from the roads after riding through central Harrogate at 82mph
A motorcyclist has been banned from the roads after riding through central Harrogate at 82mph

Motorcyclist banned after riding through central Harrogate at 82mph

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A motorcyclist has been banned from the roads after riding through central at 82mph.

Lee-Roy Campbell was recorded speeding through the 30mph zone on the A61 Road on a black Yamaha R1 performance motorbike.

The 53-year-old was charged with exceeding a speed limit after he was pictured by North Yorkshire safety camera team and investigated.

The offence took place at 10am on a Sunday last month.

Campbell, of , pleaded guilty to speeding when he appeared at Northallerton Magistrates’ Court yesterday. (17 Apr)

Magistrates disqualified him from driving for seven months and ordered him to pay £569 in fines and costs.

After the hearing, Traffic Constable Andy Forth, who investigated the incident for North Yorkshire ’s Traffic Bureau, said:

The speed Campbell reached in central Harrogate were frankly ludicrous.

He deliberately placed innocent pedestrians and other road users in serious jeopardy – if he’d hit a child or even an adult at that speed, their chances of surviving would have been virtually zero.

As the biker season begins and riders amass in North Yorkshire, this is a timely reminder that no road users are immune from prosecution if they speed in North Yorkshire. Speeding can have serious and lifechanging consequences, which is why we enforce it.

We see these consequences regularly – our officers have to pick body parts up from crash scenes and break horrific news to families of people who have died. If motorists saw those things too, I guarantee it would make them think twice about speeding.

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  1. He should be banned from driving for life. A fine of £569 and a ban of 7 months is absurdly lenient. Just think if he’d killed a member or a friend of your family. And at his age he should know better. Clearly though he is as thick (and stupid) as the proverbial short plank

  2. We need more traffic officers.
    Goodness knows How many Drivers, Motorcyclists and Cyclists I’ve witnessed deliberately driving through Red Lights.
    Stupid selfish and incredibly dangerous.

    A driving instructor

  3. I don’t think speed necessarily equates with danger but I do see lots of people driving and looking at their phones which I think may be worse than this case but of course speed cameras don’t catch those people. The shock factor of this story may be to justify these revenue raisers but the truth may be somewhat different.

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