Cairon missing Harrogate
Cairo is a 10 year old Bengal housecat who has never been outdoors on his own

Family plea to help find much-loved family cat


Cairo is a 10 year old Bengal housecat who has never been outdoors on his own before. He does not wear a collar, but he is micro-chipped.

He is a much-loved member of the Robinson family, but was last seen near to the Skipton Road in Harrogate when slipped out of the house.

Deb Robinson said:

We couldn’t love him more – the whole family have not slept or rested since we noticed he’d slipped out very late on Thursday, 28th February.

We are appealing to people to check their garage, sheds, under the shrubbery in their gardens.

He is very likely to be lost, since house cats don’t have a ‘territory’ like outdoor cats, he will probably have run for cover – and is most likely hiding in fear.

He will be cold and hungry.

Remember, this is a cat who is not used to fending for himself, or navigating the streets, he has no road-sense and is at great risk every second he is not found. We are all distraught at the thought of our poor, innocent boy outside alone.

Deb added:

Because he is a Bengal, he is a striking cat with a longer body than most cats and he has the classic Bengal ‘M’ marking on his forehead – as a special breed, I’d like to point out a neutered male of his age has no significant value – and anyone who finds him would be best served to let us know and claim the £1000 reward we are offering for his safe return.

Cairo is a friendly cat, but very wary of strangers. Because we live on a very main road, we have grave concerns for his safety.


If you can help then please call 07800 660 389


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