David and Alan Fisher of Fishers (Harrogate)
David and Alan Fisher of Fishers (Harrogate)

Fishers take a big step forward with a move into new Hornbeam Park cutting edge unit


Transport, exhibition and storage business, Fishers have moved into a new building on Hornbeam Park.

The move gives the business 5-times the volume of its current space and is one of the first to take-up home into the new development on the business park, called The Matrix.

It gives 6,000 sqft of floor space, but much more overall space with the much higher ceiling height -it gives the business the ability to expand.

Fishers is a family-run business with Alan Fisher the managing director.


David Fisher ran the business from 1989 until 2007.

David Fisher said:

The business opened in 1981 by my father and myself. He died in 1989 and I took up the business on my own.

Since then I have taken a step back and my son Alan has become the managing director since 2007.

I keep involved with the business, but Alan is very much now evolving the business and taking to the next level.

A business not moving forward is a business going backwards, the move to the Matrix is big step forward.


Fishers Harrogate Matrix Harrogate
Fishers are moving into a new home in Hornbeam Park, Harrogate, called the Matrix


Managing Director, Alan Fisher, said:

We are in the process of moving the business into the new development of the Matrix at Hornbeam Park.

It’s a massive step forward for the business, giving significantly more storage space.

Being diverse in what we offer is important, but we are still working hard exhibition and transport work. This gives a big expansion to the storage side to the business, something that is very important.

With many business moving on-line or drop shipping, there is demand for flexible storage and the facility to pick and pack for delivery.

We have invested heavily in equipment that gives great flexibility in what we can offer.

Although the unit is still being development, we already have a commitments for much of the space.

The Matrix, Hornbeam Park Harrogate, nearing completion
The Matrix, Hornbeam Park Harrogate, nearing completion


Chris Bentley, Hornbeam Park Developments, said:

We are delighted to have been able to accommodate Fishers expansion at The Matrix, our new development on Hornbeam Park, which has allowed them to increase storage capacity by more than 50% to support business growth.

From the new location, Fishers have already established new relationships with other Tenants of Hornbeam Park to assist with their storage requirements and we are keen to encourage and promote their services within the wider Hornbeam community.

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