Blind adventurer Amar Latif's

Blind adventurer Amar Latif’s incredible adventure along one of Yorkshire’s most stunning river valleys to feature on TV

8 February 2019

Blind adventurer Amar Latif’s incredible adventure along one of Yorkshire’s most stunning river valleys has been selected for a special nationwide screening on BBC Two.

As a blind man with a passion for outdoor adventure, Amar will be abseiling into a hidden canyon, canoeing across a vast reservoir and swimming through icy waters as he discovers how the stunning landscape along the River Nidd has been shaped. This is on a special BBC Two programme, River Walks at 8pm on Saturday 16 February 2019.


Blind adventurer Amar Latif's


Nidderdale is the place where hidden gorges have been carved out over thousands of years, where villages have been left abandoned after huge civil engineering projects, and where the farms of the future are taking hold in the landscape.

Amar’s 13-mile route takes in the most stunning parts of this unique river valley and is packed with intriguing history, stunning nature and incredible views.  He will visit mysterious ruins, explore a hidden canyon, discover the remains of an abandoned village, canoe over Bradford’s water supply and meet the local llamas!

His journey starts at Scar House reservoir, where the River Nidd begins.

Amar will canoe over the reservoir which now provides drinking water to large parts of West Yorkshire. His journey continues down the Nidd valley where he helps farmer Martyn Brown with some dry stone walling. Martyn is revolutionising the way that farms connect with nature as he has planted 10,000 trees on his farm.

Next stop is How Stean Gorge where Amar abseils into the gorge to examine the natural rock formations and explore how the gorge was formed. Amar and his guide continue to Pately Bridge where they hear how brown trout are thriving in the river there. And the journey concludes in Wilshill where Amar meets Suzanne Benson who owns a llama tekking farm beside the River Nidd.  Suzanne takes Amar on a scenic llama trek in a unique setting.


This is a continually fascinating film with a dynamic new presenter – which is one of just three of the original eleven River Walks films to be selected for a prime time BBC Two screening.

BBC Two  |  16th February 2018  |  8.00pm

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