Deliver To You! Dave Kirby (front) and his team at their Bishop Thornton base
Deliver To You! Dave Kirby (front) and his team at their Bishop Thornton base

Harrogate Couriers Launches New “DeliverToYou” Service

6 December 2018

A Harrogate delivery company has launched a new service that will consign “sorry you were out cards” to the history books for households with a HG postcode.

Dave Kirby Couriers’ “DeliverToYou” initiative will see them deliver parcels to household across the Harrogate District only when the recipients are in, not out!

The Bishop Thornton-based firm has initiated this in response to a growing clamour from customers tired of receiving cards through the door saying a driver had tried to deliver a package, but there was no one to receive it.

Now, for a small fee, the company will re-deliver packages and parcels to households and businesses with a HG postcode, at a time that is convenient to them, as opposed as what time is convenient to the courier.

And, because the Dave Kirby Couriers office is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there is always some on site to safely receive goods before re-despatching them.


Dave Kirby Couriers MD Dave Kirby said:

We are launching our new service because of a growing need for couriers to be more responsive to the needs of their customers.

How many times have you ordered something online only to come home and find the ‘sorry you were out card’ sat on the doormat. With our ‘deliverToYou’ service we only deliver when you tell us to. It puts an end to re-scheduling a delivery, driving miles to collect it the next day, or worse still picking it out of your recycling bin or some other equally unsuitable place where the delivery driver has decided to hide it!

Apart from Christmas Day and New Year’s Day we will be operating this service to households and businesses within the HG postcode area, from 7am until 10pm, seven days a week.




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