Harrogate Brexit Poll

22 November 2018

As a town, Harrogate voted by a small majority against Brexit, but what do you believe now ?

Theresa May is pushing a chequers deal forward with the EU and there is debate in all areas.

Take part in our poll and let’s see what Harrogate now believes should happen.


What do you want to happen with Brexit ?

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  1. Our MP is very poor. He is a yes man and is a remainer. Unfortunately we can’t vote him out at any election because Harrogate is one of those places where they don’t want to vote anything else but fascist Conservative. So my vote is always a wasted vote as i always vote for UKIP or similar.

    • You vote UKIP, but call someone else a fascist? So voting for racists, xenophobes and sectarian bigots is OK, but a fascist would be taking it too far? That’s an interesting distinction.

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