Amnesty announced after Winston’s iconic cigar goes walkabout

3 August 2018

The mystery of a missing cigar belonging to a bust of Britain’s most iconic wartime leader has prompted an amnesty in the hope it will be returned.

A head-and-shoulders model of Winston Churchill, created from more than 2000 LEGO bricks, has taken pride of place at the Royal Hall in Harrogate, since it was loaned to the venue earlier this year.

However, it was recently discovered that Winnie’s famous Cuban had been whipped, prompting an appeal from Harrogate Convention Centre, which runs the Royal Hall, for the return of the piece.

Richard Catton, PR and Media Manager at the Convention Centre, said:

Winston Churchill without his cigar is like Yorkshire pudding without onion gravy – just not complete.

Now, while we can’t be exactly sure what’s happened to the cigar, we do know it probably disappeared during an award ceremony, when we had a lot of people here in what you might say was a ‘celebratory mood’.

I’m sure we’ve all woken up the morning after a good night and found we’ve picked up a souvenir, that’s why we’re having an open-ended amnesty for anyone who might have a found a LEGO brick cigar in their pocket or handbag.

Just hand it in or post it to us at the Royal Hall and there’ll be no questions asked.



The bust of Winston Chrurchill is the work of specialist LEGO brick building company Bright Bricks, which Harrogate Convention Centre has partnered to host the Great Brick Adventure event later this month



The creative team at Bright Bricks spend hundreds of hours building huge models of everything from dragons to meerkats, using thousands of bricks. Many of the models will be on display in Harrogate from August 31.

Richard added:

We’ve been using the model of Winston to publicise the show and thought putting him in the restored Royal Hall was a fitting surrounding for a national hero.

He definitely looks a little tetchy without his famous cigar though.


The Great Brick Adventure takes place at Harrogate Convention Centre from 31 August 31 to 2 September 2018.




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