Gareth and David Atkinson
Gareth and David Atkinson

Yorkshire Meatball Company enter liquidation

31 October 2017

The Yorkshire Meatball Company has entered liquidation. (Company number 08578499)

The business was set-up and run by David and Gareth Atkinson, father and son. They closed the Harrogate Restaurant in October 2016, after crowdfunding  £123,290 earlier the same year.

There were was a further restaurant in York and they initially sold their meatballs in some supermarket outlets.

James Sleight said:

I can confirm that John Twizell and myself were appointed Joint Liquidators of the Company on 19 October 2017.

The Company’s financial difficulties arose from a culmination of the historic losses from its restaurant operations and insufficient working capital to promote its products to a wider audience. Whilst repeat demand for its products was strong and the company had been able to build up a loyal consumer following it was sadly not sufficient for the supermarkets and all products were withdrawn at the end of September.

Despite repeated attempts by management to source further investment for the business to build on its initial success the Company ran out of funds and ceased to trade.

No employees other than management were affected as the Company outsourced the majority of its operations.

Geoffrey Martin & Co are concentrating on trying to find a buyer for the Company’s  brand/business in the hope that this multi award winning concept can be revived and offered to customers again. Any interest should contact this office.


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