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Fire service believe Ripon takeaway fire caused by faulty appliance

22 June 2017

The Fire service have said that they believe the fire that took hold at Papa Joes in Ripon (19 June 2017) was caused by a faulty fridge – the fire then spread to fat and oil.

The fire service have issued the following general fire safety advice below:

  • As with all electrical items we would recommend using them in accordance with manufactures instructions and checking for signs of wear and tear on wires and scorch marks. As part of routine cleaning the area around (behind, sides and underneath) fridges/freezers and other appliances should also be periodically cleaned to prevent the build-up of any combustible materials.
  • As appliances use different amounts of power you should also check that you’re not overloading sockets. Electrical Safety First have a calculator where you can check this here:
  • It is recommend that you register household appliances with so you are made aware of safety repairs or recalls.



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