Kathy Tagenel, Bob’s ‘fixer’ and President of Go-Givers International, Peter Dickinson of Harrogate Business Advisors with Best-Selling Author Bob Burg in Orlando, Florida
Kathy Tagenel, Bob’s ‘fixer’ and President of Go-Givers International, Peter Dickinson of Harrogate Business Advisors with Best-Selling Author Bob Burg in Orlando, Florida

Harrogate Business Advisor becomes UK’s first Go-Giver sales academy graduate

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Peter Dickinson is the founder of Business Advisors and the UK’s first Go-Giver Sales Academy graduate.

Peter Dickinson has completed of an innovative new sales programme inspired by the international best-selling book “The Go-Giver: a Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea” by Bob Burg and John David Mann.

Peter lives in Harrogate and has nearly thirty years of international business management and advisory experience, Peter invested in the two-and-a-half-day training with an eye to improving business results for firms throughout Yorkshire.


Peter said: The Go-Giver philosophy resonates with me, and not just because it’s so effective.

Perhaps counter-intuitively, the Go-Giver books emphasise putting the needs of the other person ahead of ones’ own in order to build business rapport and become influential.

I didn’t read The Go-Giver and think, ‘fabulous, this is what I want to do.

I read it and recognised that it described what I had always done.



Peter added: It’s more important than ever that UK businesses take smart decisions to improve productivity.

Millions of pounds in sales are lost every year because we don’t follow up, or we don’t understand our prospect’s pain.

The Go-Giver philosophy can help any business build high-performance teams, and create a culture of excellence and collaboration.

Whether I’m working with the leader of a £1 million firm or a £50 million firm, both can benefit from discovering new sources of value creation, innovation and creativity.



Bob Burg, creator of The Go-Giver concept and co-author of the series of business, sales and leadership books said: Peter Dickinson’s proven track record of coaching his clients to accomplish even far above their stated business goals places him into that very rare; that unique category of business coaches who not only are fantastic practitioners in their own right but can also transfer their knowledge and wisdom to those fortunate enough to work with them.

We’re deeply honoured to have Peter as one of our Certified Go-Giver Sales Coaches. Combining his immense abilities along with his heart-focused desire to bring exceptional value to everyone whose lives he touches, he is the very embodiment of our Go-Giver business and life philosophy.







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  1. A terrific article on a wonderful human being and long-time proven business advisor. We couldn’t be more delighted to know that Peter is taking The Go-Giver message throughout Harrogate and the UK. He absolutely embodies the message in everything he says, in everything he does and, most importantly, in everything he does!

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