Drink driver said he took car to get away from incident in Harrogate bar

13 June 2017

William John Greenwood pleaded guilty today (13 June 2017) to the offences of driving under the influence of alcohol and driving without insurance.

Harrogate Magistrates dealt with that matter and heard from Mr Greenwood, Jackson Lane, Keighley, born 31 December 1996.

Mr Greenwood said that he was on a night out in Harrogate on 4 June 2017. He had driven from Skipton, along with two friends and said their intention was to get a taxi home.

He said that there was a confrontational incident in a bar and as “panic took over” he felt he was at risk. The car, parked on Parliament Street, was taken with the intention of driving a short distance to get away from the situation.

CCTV operators noticed Mr Greenwood getting in the car and he was then stopped on Cheltenham Parade by North Yorkshire Police – he was arrested at the roadside.

At Harrogate Police station he blew 83 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 milligrammes of breath, being the lower of two readings and 35microgrammes being the legal limit.

Mr Greenwood was disqualified from driving for 3-years, ordered to undertake 100 hours of unpaid community work, as directed by a probation worker.

The disqualification period will be reduced by 36-weeks if Mr Greenwood voluntarily attends and passes a drink – drug driving rehabilitation course. This is a course he would also have to pay to attend.

Costs were given as £85 and  surcharge of £85.



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