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Woman saved from River Ouse by police officers

5 June 2017

The prompt actions of two police officers have saved a woman from drowning in the River Ouse in York.

A member of the public called North Yorkshire Police with concerns about a woman in a distressed state by the river on King’s Staith, just after 1am on Monday 5 June 2017.

Two officers from North Yorkshire Police’s Firearms Support Unit were nearby as the call came in, and were at the scene within nine minutes.

As they arrived, the woman had entered the water and was fully submerged. One of the officers immediately sprinted to a nearby jetty, and was able to lie on his front and grab the woman by her fingertips. She was then dragged to safety by the officer and his colleague.

She was taken by ambulance to York District Hospital to receive the care she needs.

Superintendent Adam Thomson, Neighbourhood Policing Commander for York and Selby, said: Faced with difficult circumstances, the two officers acted swiftly and decisively. Without their prompt action, this situation could have turned out much worse. They are a credit to North Yorkshire Police.

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