Harrogate Convention Centre pro-actively review security measures


In light of the incident in Manchester, The Harrogate Convention Centre has said that they are undertaking a full review of security measures.

The Harrogate Convention Centre includes the Convention space itself and the Royal Hall. Although security measures are already in place that are regularly reviewed, this is a fuller review.

A spokesperson for the Harrogate Convention Centre said:

The attack on Manchester Arena is a very sad reminder of the security challenges facing large events and venues today.

At Harrogate Convention Centre we want to be sure we get exactly the right balance of vigilance while ensuring our events are an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Since Monday night’s attack we have begun to review all our security measures. This will include more emphasis on access to the building and securing the exterior of the site, as well as maintaining the safety of the public within the building.

As a business we work very closely with local agencies such as police, fire and the council. We keep all key members of staff trained through the Operation Griffin initiative and regularly go through rehearsals of responses to various emergencies, including terrorist attacks.

We also carry out Silver Command training alongside the emergency services. Our latest training session took place on Tuesday.

The Convention Centre building itself is also regularly used by emergency services as a place to carry out training and we welcome sniffer dog teams, bomb disposal experts and fire crews to carry out exercises.

While we are unable to go into details about some of our security measures, it may become obvious to visitors that we are introducing new measures. These are, of course, to enable us to guarantee, as far as possible, everyone’s safety while with us. We hope our visitors will be understanding as these essential measures are introduced, and that they continue to enjoy the wide range of shows and concerts we host throughout the year.


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