Ryan Mulvaney from Harrogate
Ryan Mulvaney from Harrogate

Harrogate man jailed for 5-years following crime spree

17 March 2017

A Harrogate man has been sentenced to a 5-year custodial sentence after he went on a 6-month crime spree.

Ryan Mulvaney from Harrogate was sentenced for 16 offences when he appeared at York Crown Court on Tuesday (14 March 2017).

Offences included:

  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Theft of motor vehicle
  • Dangerous driving
  • Having a blade in public
  • Possessing a class-A drug

The 41-year-old went on a six-month spree last year which included burglary at a home in Harrogate, dangerous driving, handling stolen goods, fraud and taking cash from a cafe in Harrogate.

He also stole high-value electronic items including a TV and coffee machine from two supermarkets. He was arrested on the same day after North Yorkshire Police put out a media appeal.

During an extensive investigation, detectives in Harrogate’s Investigation Hub pieced together his offending history.

He pleaded guilty to the charges at York Crown Court.

Jailing him for five years, the judge also took into consideration other charges Mulvaney faced, including fraud by false representations by using a stolen bank card and the theft of a handbag from a motor vehicle.

Mulvaney committed so many offences in a short period of time, detectives had to split the investigation across two teams to secure a prosecution.

Speaking after the sentencing, one of the officers in charge of the investigation, Detective Constable Quita Passmore, said: This was an utterly reckless and prolonged crime spree from a man who can only be described as a habitual offender.

I have no doubt, and Mulvaney has alluded to it himself, that this spree was fuelled by a substantial heroin addiction.

He was funding his habit without a care for who the victims were.

However, I hope his victims are as satisfied as I am with the substantial prison sentence he is now serving.

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