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Correction: Asda conference in Harrogate

18 February 2017

On the 2 February 2017 we ran a news item that indicated that two car parks in Harrogate had been closed due to an Asda conference in the town, during the week commencing 6 February 2017.

The conference forced the closure of the Victoria and Jubilee car parks on the 7 February 2017.

We had initially been led to believe by Harrogate Borough Council that this was a new conference, when that was not the case. We were also initially told that the car parks were being used under safety and traffic management issues and that was also not the case.

The Asda conference has previously been in Harrogate for many years although this year it was extended to include further delegates and further days.

The reasons for the parking arrangements was later corrected by Harrogate Borough Council as that they had agreed the parking arrangements as part of the package agreed with Asda.

Harrogate Borough Council declined to answer questions over the charging arrangements and if the Asda delegates would have to pay in a similar way to normal visitors.


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  1. Absolute disgrace by HBC!!!! who gives the authority to close car parks to hgte business & home rate payers & their customers??? I would like to name & Shame!! My business & my clients were affected by this farce that by lunchtime hgte BC realised they had made a huge error as, all of hgte workers & shoppers, second class citizens you may park near your business &shop at leisure!!!!

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