Nidd Gorge
The Nidd Gorge and part of the Nidderdale Greenway (running bottom right towards top left)

Campaign aims to stop motorbikes riding on Nidderdale Greenway

7 February 2017

A campaign has been launched asking for the public’s help to report incidents of motorbikes on the Nidderdale Greenway in Harrogate.

The campaign, launched by North Yorkshire Police and Harrogate District Community Safety Hub, follows a spate of incidents of motorbikes and mini-motos being used on the Greenway over the past two weeks.

This can be a dangerous activity – especially at peak times when the path is being used by cyclists and walkers.

It is also illegal to ride an off-road motorbike or mini-moto in a public place unless it is on the road, taxed, insured, fully roadworthy, displaying a suitable registration plate, the rider has a license and is wearing a helmet.

The campaign aims to advise the public on how they can report incidents of motor bike riding on the cycleway which they witness, together with details of what information they should try and record before they make a report. Useful information to record is:

  • the registration number of the vehicle
  • the make, model and colour of the bike and
  • a description of the rider

The public are, however, urged not to confront the rider.

Posters are being placed at the entrances to the cycle path urging users to report these incidents. Information will also be distributed to areas where it is known that motor bikes and mini-motos are currently being ridden illegally.


Councillor Mike Chambers is Harrogate Borough Council’s cabinet member for Safer Communities.  He said: Riding these bikes on the cycle path and surrounding woods and fields can be dangerous to the rider, and to members of the public and their dogs. Fences are being torn down which then need to be repaired which proves costly to the public purse.

This campaign aims to educate both the riders themselves and the public of the dangers of this behaviour.


Temporary Sergeant Amanda Hanusch-Moore of North Yorkshire Police said: I would urge local residents to call and let us know whenever they witness youths riding off-road bikes so that we can build up a picture of the full extent of the problem and respond appropriately.

This is clearly anti-social behaviour which causes a real nuisance to people using the Greenway and sometimes puts them at risk of being injured themselves by the riders’ irresponsible driving.

Reports should be made by phoning North Yorkshire Police on 101.

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