PCC Julia Mulligan and Michelle Bailey
PCC Julia Mulligan and Michelle Bailey

Police Commissioner meets victims who have benefited from restorative justice

25 November 2016

Commissioner marks International Restorative Justice Week by meeting victims who have benefited from meeting their offender

North Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan met with victims of crime to hear how they have benefitted from meeting their offenders.

This week is International Restorative Justice Week, Julia is pictured with Michelle Bailey, manager of Remedi Restorative Justice Services, the organisation delivers their service across York and North Yorkshire with a main aim to facilitate communication between victims and offenders.

Remedi helps both the victims and their offenders prepare, in a safe and confidential manner, for their meetings. A face to face meeting gives victims the chance to ask questions, explain their feelings and the impact of the crime, reduce their fear and empower them and give offenders the opportunity to apologise and motivate them to change their behaviour.

Julia met victims from different parts of North Yorkshire to hear their stories.


Julia Mulligan:

Restorative justice can have a positive impact on both victims and offenders and I am pleased we offer the service here in North Yorkshire.

All the victims told me how they had benefitted from meeting their offenders and how, as a result, they feel better and able to move forward with their lives.


Michelle said:

All the victims wanted to raise awareness of the benefits of restorative justice since going through the process with Remedi. They truly believe other victims of all crimes would benefit from the service and were keen to have the opportunity to tell their stories to Julia.

It is amazing how just a single meeting can help victims to feel empowered and listened to. Meeting their offenders in a safe setting is often an important first step to achieving full closure over what has happened to them.

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