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Can you drive and are willing to provide just a few hours of your time ?

12 June 2016

Registered Charity, Harrogate Neighbours are looking for further support for some of the services the services they offer in the town. The organisation works on a not for profit basis and relies on the support of volunteers.

Part of the service is the Harrogate Food Angels. They provide the only a hot meals on wheels home delivery service in Harrogate with all meals being freshly made from Greenfield Court, Wetherby road, Harrogate.

Chief Executive, Sue Cawthray oversees the running of two care homes, Greenfield Court and Heath Lodge as part of Harrogate Neighbours Housing Association.

Sue Cawthray said:

The charity receives support from many volunteers already, but we are always looking for more help so we can do more.

Volunteer drivers are essential for the delivery of meals and for trips out.

The volunteers just need to provide a bit of time and we provide everything else.

For insurance reasons, drivers need to be over 25 and hold a driving license. We arrange for the security checks, use of our mini bus or a mileage payment if using your own car.


Volunteers can any time they wish to from once a month to even a few times a week.

Sue added:

We appreciate all support that people provide. Typically a trip out is only a few hours and we always have a member of staff along too.

It can also be a lot of fun on some of the trips out and you get to meet some very interesting people.

If you can help then please send us an email or call us 01423 880 487.

See www.hnha.co.uk for more details on the organisation.

If you can help out or would like further information, email info@hnha.co.uk


Catering manger, Gill Thrush with Head Chef, Gary Cooper
Catering manger, Gill Thrush with Head Chef, Gary Cooper


Scheme manager, Louise Swart
Scheme manager, Louise Swart


The mini-bus

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